Staff and trainers

Staff and trainers

Staff and trainers

Staff and trainers

Staff and trainers
Staff and trainers

Staff and trainers


Aivar is the co-founder and CEO of Nufnuf. For more than 7 years in this role, Aivar has worked with dogs, dog owners, handlers and breeders from more than 30 countries where Nufnuf products are sold. As a background force, Aivar is responsible for Nufnuf daycare and hotel daily operation and supporting our four- and two-legged clients and the staff. Aivar is the owner of a 4-year old rescued dachshund Sonja and graduated from the Tartu University. He is currently acquiring practical and theoretical knowledge of dogs behavior at the Nordic Education Centre of Dog Trainers (Norway). 
Completed trainings:

First aid for pets, Heli Säre Veterinary Clinic
Hunting instincts of pet dogs, trainer Turid Rugaas
Introduction to canine massage, trainer 
Beate Bjørnhom certified Galen myotherapist

Senior Dog Sitter and Trainer

Pedro is from Brazil and moved to Estonia for family reasons. After studies at ULBRA - Universidade Luterana Do Brasil veterinary school Pedro has been working with dogs since 2013. First as dogwalker and sitter at Super Nanny's Dogwalker. Later worked with with great names in Brazilian canine scene such as Felipe 'Von Bocao' Campello (dog trainer and dog breeder) and Mauro Palermo (dog trainer and owner of a training center). Eventuallu it all led Pedro lead to do a certification course in dog training in 2021 at Obediencia Canina - one of the most relevant training schools in Brazil. Because of his love for dogs, he also completed several trainings on dog psychology and behaviour. For Pedro it is important that the dogs are socialized and their species-specific well-being is ensured. Thanks to his long career, Pedro has worked with wide variety of dogs - both big and small, both anxious and well-

Dog Trainer

Krista has worked as a dog trainer more than 14 years by specializing on small size breeds. Her best expertize is in organising playgroups for puppies and training small size dogs with behavioral problems.  She has been part in rescuing small size puppies both in Estonia and abroad. She is  contributing regularly as columnist to different news channels.

Krista is confident that learning makes any dog happier and the owner prouder.

Dog Sitter and Groomer
Iivi has passed several trainings and lectures all the way from dog feeding to dog behavioural and development issues. It is important for Iivi that a dog is enjoying stress-free life with its familiy - leash-free dog daycare is supporting harmonised relationship between a dog and its owner making it as whole more enjoyable for all - a dog, a owner, a community they live in

Junior Night Dog Sitter

Junior Dog Sitter

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